Why You Need Wonder Gel

why you need wonder gelHave you heard of Wonder gel technology? These are special seat cushions designed from the patented  Column-Buckling Gel technology and specially designed for the good of your health especially if you often seat for long hours each day!

With the Column-Buckling Gel technology, pressure is equally distributed by use of a pressure threshold system that involves hollow columns and a special made elastic gel. Why is wonder gel good for your health? Here are some reasons as to why you really need to have wonder gel cushions:

  • Wonder Gel Has been Proven by Medics To improve body health

Wonder gel has been proven to work by medical institutions around the world. From our research here at cogdir.ca we unearthed amazing facts such as that the column-buckling technology used in wonder gel has been around for over 15 years. For all these years, the technology has been used in Burn Centers and Intensive care units of major hospitals around the globe to assist in therapeutic care of patients. It works in hospitals and health institutions and it sure will work for you!

  •  Wonder Gel Cushions Help Prevent Body Pains

If you sit for long durations of time in an office or working on a computer, a gel seat cushion for office chairs is the best bet for improving your comfort-ability! Other common seat cushions often push back as your weight pushes into them and therefore causing unnecessary strains in the body and back aches. This is unlike seat cushions made from the wonder gel technology which as wondergel.com states, “know where to stand firm and where to give way in order to eliminate pressure hot spots while providing body alignment”

  • Wonder Gel Cushions are Highly Comfortable

Aside from being the perfect solution to pains experienced during long sitting hours, these cushions are also highly comfortable. The cushions are made of hollow columns of a special gel known as Gelastic® which is an ultra-soft, extremely robust rubber like material. The hollow columns are similar to those found in the honey comb and work together to provide the correct support and hundreds of relief points to the body making wonder gel among the most comfortable types of cushions ever invented.

With the hollow columns, the seat easily eliminates pressure points because it ensures equal weight sharing which ensures effective and equal distribution of body pressure making the seat highly comfortable regardless of weight and body shape.

Where Can Wonder Gel Cushions Be Found?

Are you interested in getting a gel seat cushion for car trips for the sake of your health? Well, these cushions are available  at wondergel.com, a website that will also provide more information on why you need wonder gel. You can visit them with your questions and even get your very own wonder gel seat cushions.

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